Entrepreneurs in Heath (EIH) Program: FAQ

I have a business idea in the healthcare field and want to participate in Entrepreneurs in health (EIH) program. Where should I start?

Fill in and submit the online application form. EIH representatives will contact you for the further steps. You can always contact us in case of any questions.

How do I know if I am eligible to apply?

If you are a doctor, medical resident or other healthcare professional, who wants  to open and/or expand private health practices in rural areas of Armenia, Artsakh, and Javakhk, you are eligible to apply.

I am not a health professional, but I want to establish/expand a private medical practice. Can I apply?

Yes, however, the main acting person in your health facility should have an appropriate educational background.

What kind of health services can I propose to be offered in my private practice?

You can propose any service related to human health. The more innovative your suggestion is for your region or country, the bigger are the chances to be invited for undergoing further steps. Some examples can be a mobile laboratory, private family medicine clinic, diagnostic cabinet, cardiology, endocrinology, orthopedics, and other professionals’ cabinets, dental clinic, pharmacy, and others.

What is the maximum amount I can apply for a bank loan?

The EIH program does not have monetary limitations. However, the loan should be viable for the program beneficiary to pay. The program would suggest not to exceed the amount of 5 mln AMD per proposal.

Can I propose to establish or expand my practice in major regional cities?

The EIH program will support only entrepreneurs aiming to establish private practices outside of big cities, such as Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor, Stepanakert, and Akhltskha (Javakhk).

I have applied to the program, what is next?

If your business idea is viable, you will be contacted and invited to take part in free-of-charge courses on Healthcare Quality Assurance, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, and preventive Dentistry (in case of proposing dental practices).

Are the program courses mandatory?

Yes. The decision of the EIH executive committee on approval or refusal of any suggested idea will be based on a) a sound Business Plan (prepared as a result of  the “Entrepreneurship skills” course) and b) a valid Quality Assurance Plan (prepared as a result of the “Basics of quality improvement management” course) submitted by the applicant. All other courses should be completed before each prospective beneficiaries’ consideration for approval.

Are the EIH courses being held online?

We usually welcome face-to-face interaction with our applicants, since it is shown to be more effective and helps us to know them better. However, following the COVID-19 precaution measures, all the upcoming courses will be held online, through Zoom platform.

I was invited to participate in EIH program courses, does this mean my business idea was approved?

No. If you are invited to take part in EIH courses, it means that your idea is viable. Both your Business Plan and Quality Assurance Plan should undergo several stages of approval before the Executive committee makes the final decision for approval.

I am a physician. Will I receive Professional Development credits after the successful completion of the EIH courses?

Yes, some of the EIH courses provide its participants who have completed the professional medical education with Continuous Professional Development (CPD) credits approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia.